Home grown feed options are available to help maximise the value and return from your pasture system, and minimise the requirement for purchased fodder to support stock through the winter season.

Reward Endo5 Winter Star® II Concord® II Feast® II Base AR37

The versatile perennial all-rounder

Reward is a new generation tetraploid perennial ryegrass with Endo5 endophyte bred for the Australian farmer.

Reward is ideally suited to a broad range of farming systems including sheep, beef and dairy, making it a great all-round option. It is late maturing which means high quality feed for longer, especially at times when feed is needed most.

  • Excellent persistence and dry matter production
  • Improved rust tolerance
  • Endo5 endophyte for broad spectrum pest control
  • No Lolitrem B (the main toxin that causes ryegrass staggers)


650mm pa


The complete package in annual ryegrass

Winter Star® II continues to be an industry leader in tetraploid annual ryegrasses. Winter Star® II offers consistently high yields and fast establishment. It has excellent autumn growth while providing quality late season feed that continues into summer.

Winter Star® II can provide higher quality hay and silage than many other annual ryegrasses.

  • Fast to establish
  • Exceptional winter and spring production
  • Excellent quality throughout the growing season
  • Great oversowing option


500mm pa

The next generation

Concord® II is an outstanding Italian ryegrass with exceptional speed of establishment. It delivers increased winter production and solid seasonal dry matter production with the ability to carry through to the second year where conditions allow.

Concord® II is the next generation Concord®, which was the first proprietory ryegrass released in Australia by
PGG Wrightson Seeds.

  • Exceptionally fast to establish
  • Even growth over the season
  • Regrowth into the second season is very good, given favourable conditions
  • Excellent disease resistance


500mm pa

Remarkable performance and quality

Feast® II tetraploid Italian ryegrass has set the benchmark for quality and production in the Italian ryegrass market for the past decade. It provides exceptional winter and spring growth combined with low aftermath heading. Feast® II offers farmers an excellent return on investment achieved by multiple grazing opportunities during cooler months as well as a high quality hay and silage later in the season.

  • Rapid establishment
  • Easily established by oversowing
  • Exceptional disease resistance
  • Outstanding summer quality


500mm pa

Australian bred under tough conditions

Base is a late maturing (+22 days) tetraploid perennial ryegrass available with AR37 endophyte. Base offers superb dry matter yield meaning more feed is available for your stock. An added feature of Base is its high seasonal production in autumn and winter. It also responds well to summer rainfall, providing growth when moisture and fertility are available.

  • Bred in Australia from drought surviving plants
  • Ideally suited for dairy and beef farming
  • Excellent late season quality feed
  • Very high tiller density and high dry matter production


650mm pa


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